Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Kitchen Remodel - Poor People Edition

I finally finished my kitchen last year right before Thanksgiving. I haven't had time to post pictures because...life. We haven't changed out the countertops or backsplash yet because, well, money. Or lack thereof. My amazing and wonderful wood magician moved out of state. I am devastated because I finally found someone that didn't look at me crazy when I tell them what I want. He did amazing work. I tried my best to complement his work with paint, glaze and staging. The transformation is amazing!  I used chalk paint on all the cabinets with my handy dandy glaze. I did seal these cabinets with a flat glaze because this is a kitchen and it will get lots of wear and tear. I did not use wax. It's a kitchen. Wax and kitchen heat don't mix well. So far, it is holding up well. I need cabinet knobs to save the wear and tear on the finish. So far, I haven't found anything I am completely in love with. I am a knob snob! I prefer the clean look and knobs, well, clutter up the joint.
I am in love with the island. It was a labor of love. Many layers of wood and moulding, multiple colored chalk paint layers, sanding, chipping and the Elmer's glue and paint trick to make crackle. Glaze over all. Yes, that is the original island under it all. It looks so gorgeous and ancient! I can't wait to add the corbels and the new countertop and stools. All in good time.
I love all the extra cabinet space. I am using it to store a lot of the items I don't use often. Mostly party stuff like beverage servers and party trays and the like. I get out my trusty ladder if they are needed. We have changed the pendants over the island, painted over the mural in the kitchen and added a chalk painted kitchen desk since these pictures were taken. Things change at lightning speed around here.

Look at all that wasted space above the
original cabinets!

During...The stock cabinets added on top of the original.
We added moulding and painted it all. It looks like it has
always been there!

Kitchen Desk Transformation

In my continuing love affair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I took on another project. I was on a mission to find a desk that would work in my kitchen. Bingo! Found what I was looking for at a cute little place in town called "Adam's Attic". I got this 90's desk and hutch for a song. I practically skipped out of there. I painted it the same color as my kitchen cabinets. It looks like a continuation of the beauty going on there. Looky the difference! It also gives me another display area, so yipeeee! I got a gorgeous old typewriter from the same place that fits so nicely. We also recently updated the pendants in the kitchen. I just squealed when I found these online. Love the squirrel cage Edison bulbs in here. Not too bright and gives the right kind of look.


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