Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why I don't read your e-mails anymore...

I have a few dear people in my life that I call "Wall Watchers". They are the ones that post news stories or political information on their FaceBook walls and comment on them. They are the ones that forward e-mails on to you regarding events of the day. I don't know if our "Wall Watcher" friends realize how important they are in the church today. They are critical and I am very grateful for them.

Of course, our enemy would like to discredit them. If our "Wall Watchers" cannot be trusted, then how can the people be warned? Unfortunately, I have a few "Wall Watchers" that do not check their sources. They forward every e-mail that comes across their path and post too much to their FaceBook wall. They cry out at every shadow and tree. No one can trust any information they send.

A word to the Wall Watchers: While it is the job of the "Wall Watcher" to sound the alarm, it is the right of the people to judge if it is true or not and if they will take action. It is not the job of the "Wall Watcher" to become self-righteous because he has seen the enemy first. It is also not their job to become indignant when we find their information to be faulty. We understand that no one is perfect and misinformation will slip through. However, continued distribution of misinformation discredits the watcher and eventually the whole city is in mortal danger. Yes, we are aware. We are informed. Don't talk down to us and please don't flood our e-mails with misinformation.

What can we do about an untrustworthy watcher? Should they be dismissed? They have to be. I don't even open the e-mails of these people anymore. I block their FaceBook postings.

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