Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to Paint Everything in Sight Except for What You Are Supposed To

I was so excited about how this turned out! I didn't even
wait for the glaze to dry before I took a picture. Ha!
Yours truly is still procrastinating about painting her kitchen much to the chagrin of my husband and my carpenter a/k/a wood magician. Sorry guys. I gotta be in the zone. They don't get it. So, in order to get the creative juices flowing, I painted two other items. I also have painted and repainted my practice boards. I was having problems finding a combination and technique I am in love with. Until today! I found a cool tutorial about using Elmers glue to make crackle with chalk paint. BTW - she is adorable!

Check out this mirror I got at a garage sale. It had a pretty frame, but the colors just didn't go with anything.
First I put on a sloppy coat of Graphite by Annie Sloan
Then I put on a sloppy coat of Old White by Annie Sloan.
I really did a crappy job making sure I didn't get into the cracks.
Next I sanded it lightly all around so the black peeked out more.
Then I used my handy-dandy glaze that I used on my door and
on my master vanity. Gosh, I love that stuff. Look at this!

Ta da!
Check out this other project I distracted myself with. I painted a beautiful silver tray I found at an antique shop in Georgetown, Texas. Gosh, they have some awesome stores there. This was from Rough and Ready. Adorable place! It had some spots of tarnish that were just too bad to salvage.
First, I painted it with Graphite chalk paint from Annie Sloan
Next, I gently sanded off the edges
Next I added a clear wax followed up
by a dark wax
Polished up and ready for display. Doesn't it look like leather?


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