Saturday, March 21, 2015

Decorative Beehives are Beautiful Spring Accents for Home or Garden

This beehive is awesome because, well... BEES ROCK! Because I garden, bees are all the more cool and important to me. This old fashioned Beehive is decorative and easy to make.

I found this cool Pendant Shade wire form at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for $20.00. I can use it to make more if I decide to.

I bought 50 feet of some pretty thick rope at Lowes and used some acrylic hot glue to put it all together. It was very simple and quick to do. I followed the instructions here except that I didn't use a Kitchenaid bowl, but rather the wire form. It came off easily and didn't require putting in the freezer.

I found some pretty sparkly bee pendants in the Hobby Lobby jewelry making section. I also found some large whimsical metal garden bees. Both are cute. It will live on my dining room table joining my Easter decorations and later will go out to the garden.


Lindy Abbott said...

This is really pretty. And if I am understanding the post, you are able to reuse the wire frame. Is that correct?

FrazzledMom said...

Yes Lindy, it slipped off the frame easily.


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