Monday, June 2, 2014

What's Happening in the Garden?

So much is happening in the backyard! The garden is exploding with life. One huge difference is that we installed a drip irrigation system. The tomatoes are so happy not getting their leaves wet. I have also noticed a big improvement in tomato disease which I mostly attribute to the drip irrigation system. We had a week of very heavy rainfall. It was much needed in this area as we have been suffering from drought. The garden plants prefer the rain and responded accordingly. I have been picking tomatoes non-stop this year! My water scarecrow is helping keep the birds from attacking my tomato plants this year. Although our motion-activated scarecrow has drenched our air conditioning repair men when I forgot to turn it off while they were in the backyard making repairs. Ooops! We all got a good laugh about that. My favorite haricot vert green beans are doing well also. I love picking fresh green beans for our supper! I have a baby eggplant which we are looking forward to eating soon. Broccoli is on its last legs as it is getting too hot to keep it happy. How we will miss our fresh broccoli. My husband loves to go outside and pick a bowlful for snacking. Each season brings new flavors. Now we are enjoying fresh tomatoes and looking forward to cucumbers.

Tomatoes are thriving. Note the diatomaceous earth powder on the leaves to keep bugs at bay.

Haricot Vert Green Beans are doing great!

our Spring 2014 Gardens

Beautiful red Swiss Chard


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