Sunday, June 29, 2014

Netflix knows better than parents and Hulu is disgusting

I was a bit puzzled when I saw that a TV-MA shows was accessed on my Netflix by a visiting teen. I have that thing locked down with a password and I have the Parental Controls set to "Teen". He was watching another approved show while I was away and switched over to this unapproved one. How could he access a TV-MA show with the Parental Controls still on? He didn't have the password. I clicked on the show and sure enough, it came right on with no warning.

Upon calling customer service, I found out that Netflix allows certain "popular" TV-MA shows to leak through on the Teen setting. Excuse me? The customer service was a young man and informed me that his young sister age 14 and her 15 year old friends often watched a sexualized TV-MA show. It was popular so it was allowed on the Teen setting on Netflix. He said that they probably shouldn't be watching that show, but they do. Really? So, since some parents today don't give a rip what their children watch, Netflix will allow TV-MA shows to slip through the Parental Controls because "everyone is doing it"?  Netflix has taken control of the Parental Controls. They have allowed themselves to become judge of what is OK for teens to watch. They know better than you do, you out-of-touch parent. If parents don't care what their teens watch, let them set the parental controls to "Adult" and be done with it. Attention Netflix: Don't assume that today's parents don't care. We do and we don't appreciate someone telling us they know better than we do.

Customer Service's solution was that I should change the setting to a younger child setting and manually switch it on my computer when I want to watch something else. Really Netflix? How about fixing your Parental Controls so that parents actually have control over what their own teenagers watch! Thanks for inconveniencing me, a caring parent, so you can look "cool".

Netflix, I'll give you a clue. Make the parental controls stronger. Allow parents to choose which show ratings can be shown in their own homes. I don't always agree with the ratings, but it is a start.

Don't think Hulu is off the hook here. I tried to sign up for them. They don't even have ANY Parental Controls. None. You have to call customer service and THEY have to change your birthdate to make it appear as if you are under 17. They default to smut. You have to exert energy to put protection on. You might as well not, there are a bunch of pornographic and "Gay and Lesbian" movies and shows that are labeled as "not rated" that are available for viewing to any and everyone under 17. How about "Inside the 50 Shades - real women confess"? Isn't that precious. Don't forget "Strictly Sexual" or "After the Porn Ends - Can they really live a normal life after porn?" There are many, many more. I was stunned by the number of pornographic shows getting through even with the "under 17" on. They will not be allowed in my house. I've cancelled my subscription after one day.

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