Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snail Cupcakes for Spring!

I'm no Martha Stewart, but I do love baking and I'm trying my hand at cake decorating. You can learn so much from YouTube for free!

My youngest son's homeschool science class has Snail Olympics every year. I volunteered to bring a snack for the event. These snail cupcakes went over very well!

roll out a small piece of fondant. Tapering at one end.

next, smash down on each side of the fat end for the front bottom of the body

next roll out a long piece. Flatten at the fat end and taper at the other.

roll starting at the tapered end. Keep a little shelf at the flat end.
add to the body of the snail. Press a little to adhere. Cut some
flower stamens from the cake decorating area to make antennas.
I also used a toothpick to poke little indentions on the body
of the snail.
flower stamens

I made a few white mushrooms from the fondant

I added some grass with a grass tip and icing. Put a little
crumbled up oreo cookie for dirt and put the rest of the items.
I used a little edible paint to make the shell. I sprinkled
it with a little edible iridescent powder. I also painted a
little trail of corn syrup sprinkled with iridescent powder for
the snail trail behind it.

you can see the corn syrup "snail trail" a little better in this picture.

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