Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drip Irrigation Installation or How I Found Out I Have No Perserverance

I am the proud owner of a drip irrigation system. My husband and youngest son were amazing at designing and implementing it. Me? Ummmmm... I gave up twice in Lowe's while shopping for the system and once at home when it was being installed. Ughhh... it was a pain in the rear to design and install. No getting around it. We came up against several obstacles, the least of which was NOT me. I'm usually not such a "giver upper", but this thing ate my lunch. I'm thankful for the perseverance of my family. My husband designed and then redesigned it several times while standing in the store. That isn't the way I roll. He's more flexible. I am a rigid pole in the middle of cement. I want things planned out. He can successfully fly by the seat of his pants if need be. We made probably 84 trips to Lowe's because we forgot stuff, or something broke, or I got the wrong drip head. Well, that is an exaggeration. Probably more like 4. But it felt like 84. I was so very glad when it was all done. Now, it is like a miracle that my garden gets watered automatically every morning even before my eyes open. I don't think I will ever sell my house now. I can't even stomach the idea of having to do this again. If we do have to do this again, I am going to Rhonda's house and stay for a few days. One thing that may come back to bite us is that we dug through our "Forest Floor" landscaping. I may end up having to layer newspaper over where we dug and put another layer of chopped up trees this fall. I will see how we fare this summer. It would have been smart to do all the digging before doing our "Forest Floor" landscaping, but that's the way it all happened, so we will deal with the consequences later (if, in fact, there are any).

We dug a trench to hide the pipe in

The "T" for each bed.
The closeup of the connection in each bed
My husband showing each connection that is buried in each bed

The flexible line that is on top of each bed

We had to use a heat gun to fit the pieces together

closeup of each bed. We have a 1 gallon drip head in each square.
In the two beds that stay shady and wetter, we put adjustable heads. Because
the flexible hose on the top was so curly, we ended up affixing it in place
to the floating divider wood on top with zip-ties.


Beth in Texas said...

Do they hire out now?

Frazzled Mom said...

Hmmmm... it was hard enough carving out time for them to work for me... so probably not! LOL Besides, you have your own crew of men to mess with.

Lindy Abbott said...

I am impressed. I hope it works well. I have men but they don't let me "mess with" them in this way. It is either up to me or I am at a dead end.


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