Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwing a Tantrum or How This Homeschool Mom Feels about Graduating Her First Child

Yup... this picture about sums it up.

I am a homeschool momma with a High School graduate this year. I am happy for him and all the adventures he will have. I am excited to see all that he will become with the talents our Lord has given him. I am happy to say I have successfully homeschooled my eldest son for eleven years and not totally screwed him up. *fist pump* At the same time, I am so very sad to lose my oldest son to the world. The world that doesn't understand and cherish him the way I do. The world that doesn't marvel at his brilliance and wit. The world that doesn't appreciate all the hard work he puts into everything he does. I want to kick the world's butt.

My eldest is doing dual credit courses at our local community college. He's doing very well. He also has a job at a local restaurant. He was recently promoted and is the youngest person at the restaurant to hold this job. We are so proud of his work ethic. He saved his money and purchased a very nice and reliable vehicle all on his own. He's driving himself to work and school. I rarely see him now and I MISS HIM! How many times have I read something funny and go to tell him and realize he isn't here. I know the whole empty nest thing is coming. I'm getting a taste of it now. I'm not so sure I like it one bit. Nope.

My only saving grace is my youngest son. He's three years behind his brother in age. I also am helping a friend homeschool her young teen son and her five-year old. It's a wonderful thing to have someone to pour my time, attention and love into. I think I am driving the five year old crazy with all my pictures. I realized too late that I should have taken more pictures!

Oh, and then there is going through all the pictures from the beginning of our homeschooling until now. Gulp. That'll get you.

Our family photographer, Sheree, took some amazing Senior pictures of my young man. They are gorgeous! I have to share just a few of my favorites.

Here are the Laundromat pictures:

Here are the guitar pictures in the park behind our house:

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