Saturday, January 18, 2014

Forest Floor is complete!

Hello fellow gardeners! We have had some major developments in the garden area. First, I can officially say that our backyard is completely grass free! Yipee! We got another free load of chipped up trees from our local tree trimmer and our "Forest Floor" is complete. We had some cedar in this batch, and it smells wonderful. With some newspaper contributions from our generous friends, we have completed our project. We are so thrilled at the way it looks and we are over the moon that we will not have to mow in our backyard ever again. My youngest son did a wonderful job working with me. We became a well-oiled machine with his dumping and me laying newspaper and spreading! Here are some very bad quality pictures from my phone (my camera is on the fritz). We put a thick layer (4-5" thick) knowing from our past experience that it will settle down nicely. The only upkeep is that in a few years we will have to get another batch of free chipped up trees from our local tree trimmer and put another layer on it to keep it thick. Because we are not laying any more newspaper, it will go much faster. We had a nice rain shortly after we put everything down and the "Forest Floor" did a great job at soaking up the rain. It was so great to walk in the backyard and not have muddy or soggy areas. My dog was a little confused as to were she was to do her business as she preferred the few grassy areas we had left, but now she is AOK with it. If you are interested in how we did the "Forest Floor" landscaping project, check out my other blog entries by clicking on the "Forest Floor" page link to the right.

Second, I have been wishing that I had a rain barrel. They are pretty pricey, so it had been just a wish. Well, our dear and thoughtful friends surprised us this Christmas with a collapsible rain barrel. Too cool! The first light rain filled up the 50-gallon barrel! I am so impressed. Looking forward to watering my seeds with fresh rain water. What a difference rain water makes to seeds. They far prefer it to hose water. Check on the picture of the rain barrel below.

Third, I have been dreaming of a drip irrigation system. After pricing the pieces out, it isn't as pricey as I thought it would be. Sooooo.... this is my next big project.

the area around our cypress tree is now grass free!

we finished off the rest of the side of our house

the area in front of the cabin looks great!

Check out this little beauty! A wonderful collapsible rain
barrel. A thoughtful Christmas gift from our friends!

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