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Texas Hill Country Wedding Decorating - Mason Jar/Elegance with a Rustic Touch

We moved this cute table to the corner.
VIP seating for the wedding with
spectacular views. A real white pumpkin
with a fall spray and a ribbon. We set it on a
round woven mat.
When my friend asked if I would help her decorate for her daughter's wedding, I was so excited. That would mean I would have to spend some time at her gorgeous Texas Hill Country Lake House near Canyon Lake. I would have to suffer through a beautiful weekend spent in absolute luxury with all meals provided and breathtaking views of the lake, hills and deer.

Really, these pictures don't do the place justice. It is amazing! I didn't want to leave. It was a rain-soaked weekend, but that didn't stop us.

She wanted a simple Mason Jar theme with appropriate fall decorations for the location and time of year. I tend to lean to the traditional side with lots of sparkle, so I scaled back a bit on the glitz. I used what I already had with a few small purchases to help round out the decorations.
I had a heck of a time with this archway garland. The
grapevine came all wound up in a tight circle and wouldn't
straighten out. I ended up breaking it into circles and hanging the circles with a bit of fall leaf garland. Despite my frustration, it ended up being just the right touch for the archway! I also put a bit of fall leaves on the chandelier in the foyer.
A suitcase to hold all the wedding cards from their
friends and family. The homeowner added a soft
velvety blanket to the bottom of the suitcase.
 We also printed the letters for "CARDS" on card stock that I printed on my color printer. The background looks like burlap. We hung them on a piece of twine and thumb tacked it to a suitcase. Want to print some? I've attached them here. If you can't grab it, send me a note with your e-mail and I'll send it to you.
No. 2 of 2 - print on cardstock
No. 1 of 2. Print on cardstock

The deer came out in the evening to have a little snack.

A long window in the dining area was begging to be decorated.

The cross on the mantle is a gift from the homeowner's son. We paired
it with a twig wreath. We added some lights on a brown wire to add a warm touch to the mantle.
right of the mantle
left of the mantle
I decorated the mantle, a long window at the top of the wall in the dining room, her dining table, the cake table and the ceiling. She concentrated mostly on the outside with simple white twinkle lights strung through her outside gating on the second floor balcony. She also hung some simple mason jars and put candles inside each one. She used rented hay bales (yes, you can rent them from a feed store) for extra seating outside. She placed a cloth on each one to ensure comfort and keep clothes hay free. She used a large metal tin tub to hold bottled water and other soft drinks. Their menu was perfect for the theme: Pulled pork on homemade buns from a local bakery. And of course, some delicious sides of potato salad, beans and more. The homeowner is a pro at picking the right food and displaying it to perfection. 
I made some homemade bunting for the wedding. It was actually quite a fun project. I used burlap, off-white cotton duck and an off-white regular cotton material. I just cut everything out and finished the edges on my sewing machine. I used fabric glue (which was very sticky) to attach the flags to a heavy jute twine. Don't use hot glue. Fabric glue dries clear and is flexible. I spaced the bunting flags 6" apart. That really helped to stretch how far the bunting went.  We thumb tacked it to the beams. It looked so great up on the ceiling. We added varying sizes of paper balls from Oriental Trading tacked to the beams on fishing string. We also added some outdoor lights I already owned. I put a little piece of floral wire on the hangers on the lights and tacked the wire to the ceiling beams.  

Cut triangles from heavy cotton duck. Add a few burlap and
regular cotton ones to give some variation. Edge stitch
on a sewing machine.

folding down the corners at the top of the bunting
triangle keeps everything looking neat

Add a little fabric glue

Glue to some heavy duty string (hemp or jute). Space the
triangle flags 6" apart to make them stretch!
Bunting flags, outdoor light strings and paper lanterns completed
the festive look on the ceiling.

The breakfast area became the
perfect cake table area.

A simple table decoration keeps the
focus on the mantle area.


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