Saturday, July 6, 2013

How we FINALLY got rid of our night creature

Since late April, I have been using my Contech Scarecrow, a motion and heat activated water sprinkler against the dreaded "night creature" (which we are pretty sure was a feisty raccoon but never actually laid eyes on it). I have waited until now to post my review for fear I would say "It worked" and then it would come back! Well, I am pleased to say that the Contech Scarecrow has worked! We no longer have our nightly visitor. More about what we tried to use here. I also must report that I balled up some bird netting and shoved it behind our vine netting frame and the top of the fence as a deterrent to anything crawling along the top of the fence (squirrel highway). We haven't had a problem since! I have recently set the Scarecrow up during the day to discourage birds from attacking our tomatoes. I also used some bird netting over the tomatoes as a further deterrent. The Scarecrow wasn't cheap, but saving my sanity has been WORTH EVERY PENNY! So thankful that I found it!

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