Monday, July 1, 2013

A clutter-free way to display your collection - "Storyteller's Tray"

Over the years, you may have accumulated a large collection of something you love. You should use your collection in your decorating. However, displaying all of them simultaneously is not necessary and can add to the visual clutter of your room. I came up with a smart way to display your loved collection and still keep your room looking neat.

My dear friend has large collections of various items. She has stories about the items and didn't want to part with all of them. I came up with a "Storyteller's Tray". She stores all of her treasured items safely out of sight in well-labeled plastic boxes. She will display an item or two on her "Storyteller's Tray" that is placed on her coffee table in her formal area. This will give her an opportunity to tell her visitor about the item, allow her to enjoy and appreciate the "new" item, give her a new look for her coffee table, save her room from visual clutter and constant dusting of all her items. As often as she likes, she can trade out one or two of the items and put them on her tray.

We did the same thing with her coffee/tea pot collections. A tea tray in her dining room will display only one set at a time while the rest of the collection is safely stored out of sight.

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