Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

I wanted a new arrangement for my dining room. Now, let me say that this arrangement is just fine for the dining table when people are not dining. When they are, it is much too tall and should be removed.

I hit a sale at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I restrained myself! I nosed around the pre-made arrangements and found one I liked. I decided to recreate it. I found this single tall spiky piece on sale and then I went looking for the greenery that drips down the side of the arrangement. I found a garland on clearance that I cut up in pieces for this arrangement. I already had a basic urn (that I have had forever). I purchased a little piece of green flower foam and cut it to fit the urn. I also purchased a little sheet moss. I love that stuff! I didn't spend over $16 on this whole arrangement. While I don't even pretend that I am talented in the area of flower arranging, this one was simple enough for me to pull off.

I cut the flower foam with a knife until it just fit the top. It is just below the top of the urn. I put the tall piece in first. I then cut the garland in various sizes. Long enough to hang naturally. I wanted it to drip down the side. I started arranging the garland pieces around the vase. I then covered the flower foam with some sheet moss and Voila! A quick, cheap and easy arrangement! It reminds me of something you might see in an old Victorian mansion.  I put it on a wide burlap ribbon that I am using as a runner. The runner actually hangs off the ends of the table and almost touches the seat of the chairs under it.

I also picked up three frames for $13.60 each. They have beautiful acanthus leaves and a touch of gold. They are super traditional and perfect for my subject matter. I found a neato website with some FREE steam punk pictures I downloaded a bunch I liked and printed out three I loved on my printer on photography paper. The microscope below is one I used! You have to come over to see the rest! There are so many beautiful high resolution ones that are perfectly suited to blow up and print for your decorating uses. Did I mention it is FREE! I love free.

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