Thursday, May 30, 2013

Freshen up your decorations by moving them around!

You can redecorate for FREE! How? Instead of purchasing new items, you may just need to move things around a bit. I always get inspired by magazines and blogs. It makes me look at my current arrangements in a different way. I basically have a few rules I use when decorating.

-Have a common thread of an accent color. Use it throughout your room/house. It can be slightly different shades, but keep it to one color. Mine is red.

-You should try and paint your entire house (kids rooms excluded) with a common color family so it flows. It lends a cohesive look that isn't choppy. I use golds and gold-greens throughout my house. It makes it easy to buy accessories that can moved from room to room.

-Layer your accessories. Making sure accessories touch makes everything flow. It makes your eye move from one object to the other. A smaller picture placed in front of a larger picture or mirror is wonderful. See how I used a smaller family picture placed in front of the larger picture on the mantle.

The round face on the scale balances the round clock face.
The rectangle on the frame balances the rectangle shape of the lantern.
-Use common shapes to balance your design. Using round shapes with square/rectangle shapes. Use tall with short. Check out my mantle for instance. There are taller objects on the ends. There are also round and rectangle on each side of the mantle. It all leads to a balance that pleases the eye.

-Use books in your design. Every room looks cozy with a pile of old books. You can use them under shorter objects to raise them to the level you need. You can tie them with twine. Think about displaying them with the pages out (instead of the spine out).

old baseballs from my kids childhood are displayed in a party punch
dispenser that mimics a preserve jar. An old metal lunchbox is a nice complement.
-Hunt around your house for unusual objects. For instance, I used baseballs from my kids childhood in a party punch dispenser that looks like an old fashioned preserve jar. I found a cool old metal lunchbox at an antique store that lends a nostalgic air to the entire vignette. Dig around in the closets, garage and garden.
The urn is from the garden outside. Its grey color
looked beautiful with the base of the topiary.
When I put all my accessories together on a table,
I saw the possible union.

-Metal objects blend well with wood and glass objects.

-Don't leave clear glass jars or containers empty. It makes your design look cold. Fill it with whatever you have a lot of. Use your imagination. On my hutch I used some old spools of thread, baseballs and some metal childhood toys.

-Keep your collections together. Don't spread a collection throughout different rooms of your house. It gives more of an impact if they are all together. You also don't have to display your entire collection at one time. Put a few pieces together and later bring out some different ones. People will enjoy seeing your different pieces at different times.

-Keep a space somewhere on the wall that doesn't have anything. It gives your eye a place to rest. You don't have to cover every area of the wall with a knick-knack or picture.

-"Light to walk toward". Give the room a lamp or some other light source at the end of it that draws you through the room to the light source. It is an amazing concept and works to finish off any design.

-Remove accessories you are tired of or have been around for a long time. You don't have to keep everything forever or because cousin Mary gave it to you. Believe me, she doesn't even remember she gave it to you. You can always sell them or give them to your local charity.

-If you are stumped and don't know where to begin, remove all the accessories from the rooms in your house and put them in one place. Look at the shapes, sizes and colors. Now start to place them in one area you want to decorate (like a mantle). Don't be afraid to remove objects or move them around. Don't over-accessories. Easy does it. You will see your objects in a new way and appreciate them more in their new place. Continue to decorate in different areas of your home. You may not use up all your accessories. That's OK.

Friday, May 24, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Garden 3 - Sweet Millions Cherry Tomatoes (the bomb),
squash, green beans, carrots, onions and check out
my pineapple growing in the pot. It is just a pineapple
top from the store stuck in the dirt!
This is our second spring with our Square Foot Garden. I have learned so very much the last three growing seasons (In the Houston area we have two growing seasons a year. So that would be Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012 and now Spring 2013). I have so much more to learn. There is so much information on the Internet regarding Square Foot Gardening. Correction: There is too much information on the Internet regarding Square Foot Gardening. It can be confusing when asking a simple question like, "why are my leaves yellow?". Wow! Google that one. I do a lot of research and see what makes sense to me. I try it and if it fails, I try something else. Most importantly, I share what has worked and hasn't worked with my gardening friends. They do the same with me.

As you can see, our gardens are doing well this Spring. They have had a slow start with the extended cold we experienced in our area this year. I wasn't complaining, but the cucumbers sure were. They hated it. Not to mention I had to plant and replant my cantaloupe and watermelon as our "night creature" enjoyed digging up the seeds which had been planted and covered with a heavy upside down pot. He dug right under the pot. I thought I was going to lose my mind. He also loved to chew the seedlings right up. Really? He stripped the leaves from my pepper plants and green bean plants. I lost more plants that I want to remember. Argggg!

I got my water scarecrow in and after a while now, the "night creature" seems to be getting the picture that my yard is not a free buffet. Things are not being dug up or eaten. I hesitate to speak too soon, but it appears to be working. It is a behavior modification tool, which means it may take a while to work. I've taken every measure to protect my garden seedlings and plants. It is paying off! I've actually harvested some green beans, a cucumber and cherry tomatoes! Battling with the "night creature" has been so aggravating. We have never had issues with four-legged pests before. Normally, we just battle the bugs which itself is a fight. (P.S. - excuse the awful pictures. My faithful camera has died and my cell phone camera isn't that great. Couple that with my bad camera skills and you get this. Sorry.)

Cucumbers are finally taking off!

There is nothing more delicious than fresh sweet peas
right out of the garden!

My fennel plant has gone crazy and taken over the bed. Look at the flower
stalk it has put up. Nuts! I don't even eat fennel. I
just grow it for the butterflies. The Black Swallowtail
likes to put its eggs on it and the larvae love the greens.

Finally! A delicious Haricot Vert bean! My poor
plants are just recovering from losing most of their
leaves to the "night creature"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

My Snugglebunny and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary this past week! Talk about mind-blowing. I remember celebrating my MIL and FIL's 25th Anniversary with a big party shortly after my husband and I were married. I remember thinking that 25 years seemed a long way off. Well, it isn't. I turned around and now its here. We didn't do anything fancy like a party. He requested his favorite dinner, sticky chicken, and I made a homemade cherry pie with fresh cherries. We also went to the jewelry store and I picked out a simple anniversary band. We got an awesome deal on it but he spent more than I had originally planned. It is beautiful and I love it! It is similar to the picture below, but not exactly. It is currently getting sized. I learned that today, most anniversary bands are worn on your right hand. I had always thought they were to be worn next to your original wedding set. I learn something new everyday.


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