Friday, April 26, 2013

Night Creature Deterrant No. 549

In my ongoing battle with my "night creature", I have tried a lot of deterrents. This little bugger continues to prove he is smarter than me. Here is what I have tried so far (pity me):

live trap with peanut butter on apples
live trap with cookies
live trap with shrimp shells
live trap with cat food (fish kind)
live trap with broccoli (which he loves)
live trap with carrots
live trap with cheese
live trap with cheese crackers
Repels-all pellets sprinkled generously around the garden (it has been entertaining to watch the squirrels avoid the pellets sprinkled on the cross bars of the fence by walking on the very top of the fence pickets)
Garlic fire spray
Cayenne pepper
Praying for wisdom (which obviously hasn't come yet)
Rain dance
Turning on the back patio light at night really, really fast to see if I can see him
Getting up really early and turning on the back patio light really, really fast to see if I can see him
I am now awaiting the delivery of yet another deterrent, the Contech Scarecrow, a motion and heat activated water sprinkler. I've taken my fight high tech! I swallowed hard and ordered it. It's kinda pricey for a plastic water sprinkler but by golly I am determined to taste my broccoli this year!

I also got a kick out of this video. Heck, this might work on those pesky solicitors.


BAMAPENS11 said...

Does anyone know if this does/might work on crows/blackbirds???

Frazzled Mom said...

It works well with all our birds. Be sure and move it around a bit so that the birds don't figure out the blind spots on the scarecrow.


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