Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Have a Maintenance Free Backyard for FREE

Over the years, we have slowly been reclaiming the grassy areas of our backyard in our goal of having a maintenance free backyard with no grass.  We have been using newspaper, covered with black weed cloth, topped with large pine bark nuggets. It works well, but the nuggets are not cheap and you have to maintain a thick layer to keep out the weeds. Recently, I came across the "Back to Eden" project video. It got me to thinking that we could more quickly reclaim our backyard and return the natural covering to it by using the free resources talked about in the film. Namely, free leftover newspaper and free tree clippings from the choppers that tree service people use. Did you know tree service companies have to pay to dump their tree clippings? They are paying to get rid of something we can all use for our benefit.

Here are some benefits:

  • We can save water by not having to water our grass in the backyard.
  • We can save time by not having to mow the grass.
  • We can save gas by not having to mow the grass.
  • In a few years, you can actually plant in the clippings.
  • The plants and trees in the clippings need very little water as the clippings hold water efficiently.
  • The plants and trees in the clippings will not need any plant food.
  • Flooded backyards will be lessened by using the clippings.
  • The clippings don't float away in a rain storm.
  • The clippings don't blow away in the wind.
  • Future buyers will be attracted in purchasing a home that requires no yard maintenance in the backyard.
  • Your beautiful backyard has raised the value of your house.
  • The clippings are soft to walk on and look natural and beautiful.
  • The clippings are loose and easy to weed.

 We have contacted a local tree trimmer and are arranging for him to dump some tree clippings in our driveway. Our plan is to trim the grass as short as we can, lay a thick layer of newspaper (like at least 5-6 layers thick) and lay a very thick layer of clippings right on top of that. We are foregoing the black weed cloth. We are going to claim the remaining areas of our backyard and I am eyeballing some areas of our front yard. I'll post pictures as we go along. I'm super excited about this new project and want to get it underway before the heat of the summer claims us.

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