Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yeppers, its time to plant peppers in Houston!

Nooooo, a scary Frankenpepper!
tee hee...
 The days are starting to get warmer in Houston. Our pepper plants love the warmth. The nights have been too chilly to plant our peppers until now. Peppers should be planted in the second row to the back as they get a little tall (2' to 3'). Planting on the end of the box is a good idea as they usually can flop over a bit. Remember friends, don't plant your pepper plants too close together in your square foot garden or they will cross breed and make "frankenpeppers". Unless you want to make some strange cross between a bell pepper and a jalapeno pepper. I actually like to harvest what I plant, so I am keeping mine apart. Pepper plants produce prolifically (a tongue twister). Plant sparingly. Bugs don't seem to bother pepper plants too much either so you won't lose many to them. I was begging people to take peppers last year. Begging. Peppers freeze very well, especially bell peppers. Chop them up and put them in small freezer bags. Store flat. You can easily break off what you need for your dish. Plant what you eat and plan to eat a lot of peppers this year. After the weather heats up, pepper plants seem to back off of production a bit. When it cools down, they come back like gangbusters and you will be searching for pepper lovers amongst your friends once again. I planted wayyyyy too many pepper plants last year. You might make a deal with one of your Gardener friends to plant and share a different kind of pepper plant. For instance, you might plant one banana pepper and she/he will plant a cayenne pepper. You will still have enough to share with your friends.

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