Monday, March 25, 2013

Super quick update on garden because it is cold outside

fitted cover kept the plants from freezing
Well Spring sprung and then it decided to "unsprung". Or is it "unspring"? It never fails, I plant, it freezes. It is the circle of life. Que Lion King music. Well, I made some handy-dandy Square Foot Garden covers for just such an occasion. I was tired of having the fly-away square plastic sheets. These fitted covers are just the ticket. It kept my plants nice and cozy in the freezing temperatures last night. It feels like a greenhouse in there now that the sun is out. Wish I could crawl in there and take a nap.

I need to make some more. It is kind of a production to make them as it takes up my entire great room. I have a pattern that I use to cut out each triangle. When I have four, I hot glue them together. I made the pattern by laying out a large square of plastic and tracing where my white pipes were on one side of the square. I added a nice length to the bottom in case it was a windy night and I needed to put rocks at the bottom to keep it in place even better. I added about 4" to the sides to allow some space to glue the sheets together. I glue them right sides together (just as if I was sewing) and then flip it right side out for a nice fitted cover that looks neat.

Mr. Toad is welcome to stay as long as he likes

I found a stowaway hidden in my strawberry plants keeping nice and warm. Yes, that is a big fat brown toad. He eats bugs, so he can absolutely stay and make himself at home.

I spoke with the tree trimmer in our neighborhood and he gave me some free fresh chopped up trees. I can't believe they pay to dump this stuff! I decided I like that on my paths and under my strawberry plants. You need to have hay, weed cover or something under your plants so that your strawberries don't touch the dirt or they will rot.

strawberry patch with chewed up tree under them
The planting has started and some things have already sprouted.

sweet peas

One of my heirloom tomatoes
trench planted

green beans - my favorite french variety

Can you say "overgrown"? This fennel got a haircut.

Swiss Chard doing very well

Proof that Spring has sprung. Louisiana Satsuma
Flower and just to the right of the flower is a very
tiny baby satsuma.

Lavender flower is so beautiful in the garden!
One of my favorite smells.


Misty said...

I found you blog through a freebie on homeschool chicks. I live in Katy and homeschool and you finally inspired me. I have been wanting to square foot garden for years, so I bit the bullet. Even drove out to cornelius' today to buy the vermiculite with three kids in two (ages 2, 4, 6) :). Thank you for the cost breakdown, it was so helpful. I'd really like to connect via email, mine is mistynewsome at gmail dot com.

Frazzled Mom said...

Hi Misty! Sounds like you had a fun fieldtrip to Cornelius! What isn't fun with a 2, 4, and 6 year old! You are gonna love your square foot garden! If you have any questions, just send me a note. Hugs!


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