Monday, March 18, 2013

More adventures with dryer lint

Check out this post regarding cleaning out your dryer connection at the back of your dryer. Well, we have had to take a more drastic approach after our dryer didn't seem to be working well again. We have one of those horrid dryer vent pipes that goes through the roof. I wish they wouldn't do this as it makes it very hard to clean it without a chimney sweep. Our house is 14 years old and we have never cleaned out this vent pipe. Big mistake. We tried a pipe snake and even this handy, dandy tool called a "Hey Tom Dryer Lint Kit" from Flylady. Gobs and gobs of damp lint came out but there was a point where even the longest tool could not reach. My husband went on the roof and tried to blow out the rest of the lint with a leaf blower. There was quite an adventure that included me ducking under the eaves to avoid being hit by heavy tools rolling off the roof, running to the neighbors and borrowing longer ladders so my husband could get off the roof and trying to throw a screwdriver at my husband while he sat on the roof. I know. I could have put his eye out. Luckily, I have a weak throw and the farthest it got was his legs. He can catch very well with his legs! I'm sure we put on quite a show for any neighbors that happened to be viewing the whole incident. Anywho, the lint was lodged into some sort of tight ball in the vent pipe. So, we have called a chimney sweet who will be coming today. $80 seems fair to risk your life on the roof.

The last few days have been filled with me getting creative about drying the clothes. I tried using our dryer without it being hooked to the vent pipe. I don't recommend that unless you have been pining for a sauna in your laundry room. I got a nice facial when I walked into the steamy room. Also, I won't need to scrub the walls in the laundry room this year. We ended up hanging all our clothes to dry in our garage and in the backyard. Those scratchy, stiff towels work like a loofah on your skin. So between the steam and the stiff towels,my skin should be glowing! Well, you gotta laugh at your predicament or you will cry. So, this afternoon I will be catching up on the huge piles of dirty clothes!

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Frazzled Mom said...

Update: The guy at Chimney Pro in Houston came out and did a great job. He showed up early, got it done quick and was very professional. You get an A+ guys! My dryer is working at warp speed. I got caught up on my laundry in no time. I think I will save the $80 in electricity costs just this month. Wow!


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