Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fall Garden Adventures or The Night Creature

I am in an epic battle to save my garden from a ravenous night creature. He is particularly fond of my broccoli. I am not particularly fond of him! My garlic pepper spray could only save my garden for a short while. He was not impressed with my humane trap. Lights on all night didn't deter him. I think it is an opossum but my husband thinks it is a rabbit. He may be right. It must be a whopper of a rabbit. I have a very tall broccoli plant that was decimated overnight. He had to stand on his hind legs to reach the head. As a last ditch effort, I tried mothballs sprinkled around my garden. SUCCESS! He hasn't hit since. My backyard stinks, but at least I might get a shot at actually tasting my broccoli this year.

AFTER - one night's work Argggggg!

beauty in the veggie patch

Sweet Millions is my favorite tomato plant! 

Heirloom - sadly it froze before I could get a crop

Louisiana Satsuma crop 2013 - Crazy!

sharing our bounty of Louisiana satsumas

carrots are doing well... before the creature struck!

view of our Cypress tree in fall

carpet of beautiful and fragrant cypress leaves in the fall

Excited about this crop of "cheesy cauliflower"! Beautiful!


Zyana Shrivastava said...

same was the case in our backyard with tomatoes, later we found out they were huge rats who had made their home there and spoiled almost everything in our garden. Pest control was the only option.

Frazzled Mom said...

Oh Zyana! That thought never crossed my mind, although I have seen some huge rats on our fence in years past. Thanks for the tip!


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