Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Even more boring Formal talk...

OK, so on we go with the Formal planning. My husband took a look at my plans for building a 14 foot Eiffel Tower and told me it would just be cheaper to spring for the realistic looking 12 foot cardboard one that costs $200. I gulped and then placed the order. Hopefully it doesn't look like a stinking pile. You know how things never look like they do on the internet. Crossing my fingers.

Well, I've sunk myself into building a fountain made out of an old turtle sand box and some plastic containers from the dollar store. I watched too much McGyver growing up. I mean, really, who looks at a turtle sandbox and says to themselves "that could totally be a fountain." I'm crazy enough to think we may actually pull it off though. A very sweet homeschool mom volunteered herself to help me with the project. She describes herself as "crafty" and she didn't blink when I told her we could do it. She's a keeper!

We found a wonderful dance teacher to teach our kids some cool (and clean) moves. She's a Christian, young and a former Disney dancer. I love how the Lord works out the details.

We are borrowing lots of props. We got a bunch of trees from a local church who was going to throw them away. They are in good shape and perfect for us. Other people are letting us borrow various pieces of furniture. Don't invite me over between now and March, because I'll probably take something from your house for the formal. I still am looking for some street lamps. No luck so far. But I did notice one in a yard down the street...

LiedertafeltHallWe got a rocking location. Again, totally a God thing. Liedertafel Hall is the perfect location for this event. The price was fabulous. You should have seen some of the dumps people in Houston were trying to rent for serious money. This place is an octagon building recently built to resemble an old German dance hall. The ceiling comes to a point with large beams going up. It reminds me of being in a huge tent.

I found this awesome laser light show that you can rent for a few days. It projects the night sky with moving stars and a blue cloud on the ceiling. It looks soooo cool.

I probably need to stop looking on the internet. Every time I do, I find another cool idea.

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