Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Antiquing for Memories

I enjoy doing a little shopping on a Sunday afternoon. Don't you always find something that you or your parents owned when you were a child? Those old things really evoke some special memories. They can really transport you back. I love to go to a little antique store called "Red Queens Attic Antiques" in Rosenberg, Texas. Its quiet, the people are very helpful, the prices are outstanding and I always find something I must have. Now, I admit it, my tastes in antiques are a little strange.

For instance, I HAD to have this very cool vintage rusty metal lunchbox. Doesn't it look like something a construction worker brought to work every day for 30 years! Why do I like it? Because it is rusty. Because it has stories to tell. Because I'm pretty weird.

Earth Shoes
It kind of reminds me of the industrial gray plastic lunchboxes my mother sent us to school every day. We were the ONLY kids who brought their own lunch because my parents were on a healthfood kick. Yes, I wore those horrible clunky brown Earthshoes to school. Yes, we were those people. We decorated the outside of the ugly lunchbox with stickers which promptly came off. I remember my mom putting hot dog wieners in a thermos to keep them hot. They were healthfood dogs so they were brown. The thermos was just a little too short, so she had to bend them to get them in the thermos. By lunch, they were permanently bent. You get the picture of what it looked like. Lots of snickering in the lunchroom. Just imagine me taking this brown bent wiener out and putting it in a whole wheat bun while every eye in the cafeteria was upon me. Ugh... I think it scarred me for life. Stop laughing!

Well, I digress...I just had to have the lunchbox. It is magnetic so maybe it can hold all of my recipes inside and I can put the one I'm using to the outside set with a magnet. Or it may find itself the part of some Christmas decoration. Look for it in a blog in the future!

I also HAD to have a very old metal beater. I think it came from grandma's estate. No one wanted the old thing but Frazzled Mom absolutely needed. What will I do with it? Probably put it in a vinette of old kitchen implements of some sort.

I also found a very cute tea cup set to add to my growing Christmas vintage set. I host a Christmas tea every year and I want to serve all my guests in different cups. Cute huh? I almost have enough for all my guests.

At another little antique store in Richmond called "Antiques Around the Corner" I found an old cookbook. It is the same one that my mom owned when I was growing up. Just opening it up and looking at the pictures brought back a flood of memories.  I also found an old street sign for the boys faux brick wall. It says "20 MPH" and is bright orange. After the shop owner assured me it was legal for me to purchase, I snatched it up. The boys think it is pretty cool!

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