Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nelson Water Garden - Where everybody knows your name

Yes, I left some for you!

I woke up this morning and nearly skipped out of bed. This is the day I would get to finally purchase my fall garden babies at Nelson Water Garden. I'd been calling for a few weeks trying to pinpoint exactly when they would get their fall vegetable plants in. I knew I would have to pounce on them immediately or they would be gone. I am also anxious to get my garden started. Fall feels like it is coming early this year.

I had made a huge batch of Chewy Ginger cookies yesterday (recipe here), so I brought a dozen to Cramer, my favorite gardening guru at Nelson's. He is always so sweet and helpful and greets me by name every time I walk through the door. People that can do this amaze me because I am just awful with names.

Colourful cauliflowerI made a beeline for the veggies and started loading up. I have 33 empty spots that I have to fill and I wanted a LOT of that to be broccoli. It seems we never had enough last year. They also had some cool "cheddar cauliflower" that is orange. It is not the result of genetic engineering, but came after decades of traditional selective breeding. Check out the purple and green ones! I want purple cauliflower too!

I got some different kinds of cabbages too that I'm really excited about. I'm keeping my eyes open for kale and spinach now. Sometimes kale is labeled as ornamental cabbage. I love to put it in my front garden. Showy and delicious! If you have never gone to Nelson Water Garden, plan to make a visit. So much to see and do. Your kids can even feed the Koi in the ponds.
Cramer - my gardening buddy at Nelson's!

All the winter veggies ready for choosing

Lots of variety in the tomato section

Best herbs anywhere!

Beautiful ponds and atmosphere

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