Friday, September 28, 2012

About Growing Stevia

Look at this huge pile of green. No, I haven't been weeding my garden. This is stevia harvested from my garden. I know, that stevia powder you get in the store is horrible. I hate the aftertaste. I decided to grow stevia sort of as a novelty. I decided to try and dry some and put it in my iced tea maker. I wasn't expecting much. Holy smokes! My iced tea was sweet without the aftertaste. I didn't have to put very much (2 pinches of dried leaves). I quickly went back to Nelson Water Garden and picked up two more plants. As you can see, I have a very nice harvest. The leaves are sweetest right before the flowers bloom. Keep your soil consistently most as stevia does not like dry soil.  Pick in the morning and hang upside down to dry. (you may have to explain to all visitors that nothing illegal is going on here. he he) Take all the leaves off and put in a jar for use.

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