Friday, June 8, 2012

We are harvesting!


All that sweating is paying off! Check out this crop of tomatoes! And we gave a bunch away yesterday. See my little ripening cantaloupe... I have three more in the garden. Lots and lots of peppers are being harvested, but not nearly as many bellpeppers as I would like. It seems we never get enough.

I also tried my hand at some ball carrots. My gardening guru friend, Bonnie, thought we might get a better crop in the fall. I'm still thrilled to pick these round french carrots. They are so delicious too!

At the suggestion of Bonnie, I purchased some organic cow manure mixed with other organic compost called "Moo-Nure". I felt that my soil needed a little more nutrition to support all the veggies. Bonnie didn't think it would hurt. I added a trowel full to each square. A little more on my tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. I also am trying out some Ortho Elementals insecticide soap and Garden Disease Control. I think I got some sort of a fungus on my beans and basil. I am seeing new growth of leaves already. The stink bugs have declared my cherry tomato plant "Club Med". Seriously, I am seeing stink bugs do things on there that would make you blush. Ewwwww! My garlic pepper spray wasn't doing much good on these tough guys. I'll see what an insecticide soap will do.
Ortho Elementals Garden Disease ControlOrtho Elementals Insecticidal Soap

I tried out a new Ratatouille recipe. An all veggie meal (supplied from my garden) was so delicious on Sunday after church. You can see eggplant, squash & zucchini from our garden in the dish. At the bottom is a thick tomato sauce made from our garden tomatoes. I think I will try the canned tomato paste next time and see if there is a difference.

A huge bunch of Black Prince tomatoes

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