Monday, May 28, 2012

We can't eat that many cucumbers!

How's that for one day's harvest!
Besides the fact that I am getting eaten alive with mosquitoes every morning (we are in Houston after all), the gardening is going well. Check out what I harvested just this morning in the picture above. I also harvested a handful of cherry tomatoes and some green beans that aren't pictured.

Garden No. 6
Besides us eating out of this garden, we have given away quite a bit. I just love letting friends "grocery shop" in our backyard. We can't, after all, eat four eggplants at one time. And when will we ever eat nine cucumbers in a week? I also found out that our cucumber vine had gone through the fence and our neighbor had a juicy cucumber on his side of the fence. See, being our neighbor pays off!

I had to pull up one of our squash plants. We had a pesky vine borer take over and killed the poor plant. I will have to be more diligent about spraying the stem with garlic fire spray. Stink bugs like my cherry tomato plant, but haven't seemed to find the rest of the tomato plants yet. I am having to spray the cherry tomato plant every day to keep them off.

Garden No. 5

Garden No. 4

Garden No. 3

Garden Nos. 1 and 2

Garden No. 7

Garden No. 8

The cucumber vine intertwined with the
cherry tomato

Pentas are butterfly gourmet restaurants

Beautiful green onion flower

Stevia - bite a leaf for a sweet treat.
I dried some and combined with some tea
to make a sweet, calorie free drink!

Bumper crop of Louisiana Satsumas this year

Zucchini is already producing (and taking over
Garden No. 3)

A beauty! Stay away birds and bugs!

The second batch of bush beans I planted is taking off.

Green Bellpepper almost ready

A hidden gem - a sweet heirloom cantaloupe.
This is the first time we have grown them.

Cucumber and Purple Hull Bean

A little beauty

Artichoke doing OK in a pot in the shade

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