Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monster Steam Mop is a Monster Flop

I had such high hopes for my new fancy Euroflex Monster Jet II steam mop. I did tons of research into which one would be the best. Lots of reviews pointed to the Euroflex Monster Steamer as the best buy for the money. I was excited to try it out as many of the reviews said that their floors were the cleanest they had ever seen them. Well, these people must be filthy on a regular basis. I didn't see any difference between my regular terry cloth wide mop with vinegar and the clean I got with the steam mop. Seriously? What's all the fuss about? I have a lot of tile and Pergo in my house. I had to fill the thing up four times with a ten minute wait period so it could cool off between fills. It is slowing me down!

How is this disinfecting? I left the steamer on the tile in front of the toilet for 10 seconds. The tile wasn't even warm. Why? Because the steam does not shoot out from the bottom of the steamer. It has one tiny hole at the bottom of the steamer with a plate over it that directs the steam to shoot out of the sides and front of the steamer. I'm not sure how that does any good. Some reviews suggested taking off the plate so that the steam was redirected to the bottom. One hole? I tried it. Again, no good.

OK, so I tried it on my carpet. It has a plate that allows you to use the steamer on the carpet. I have one room that is carpeted and several throw rugs. I didn't see a difference.

Look on the front to see where it says "Steam min" and "Steam Max"
Mine doesn't have this. 
Another thing that I really needed was the adjustable steam because I have Pergo. The picture on Amazon showed that the thing had an adjustable steam function right on the front. The one I got in the mail was a totally different thing. It was just a door to open to pour the cleaner in.

Here is mine that clearly isn't the same as advertised
My major beef, and the reason I got the thing in the first place, was that I have grease in the grout in front of the stove. It makes sense that the steam cleaner would get it out. Nope. Didn't even touch it. I left it on there for a long time. I went over and over the spots. I sprayed with vinegar to loosen the grease stain. Nothing. I am thinking I need more of a handheld steamer for the grout. Heavens. I'm back on my hands and knees. Well, it went back to Amazon and I got my money back. Isn't it disappointing when things don't turn out as advertised?

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