Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

Gardens 6, 7 & 8
My garden resembles a jungle in some spots! Yet, it is thriving despite the crowding. Why? The Square Foot Garden can support such a demand on its nutrients. For someone with such a tiny backyard, I am growing a surprising amount of food for my family in our eight (8) Square Foot Gardens. We are harvesting haricot vert green beans already. I planted four squares with plants and it seems sufficient for our family.
We are harvesting every third day
and getting this much every time.

How I wish I could convince everyone I know just to try even one small 4 x 4 Square Foot garden in their backyard. I think they would be amazed at the amount of fresh food they could grow and be surprised by how easy it is. I do not have a green thumb people! And yet, look at these gardens!

My cucumber and cantaloupe vines have tons and tons of flowers. I am starting to see some tiny pickles and itty bitty cantaloupes. Every day I see something new popping up. Strawberries are growing, tomatoes are producing, peppers are loading down the plants.

Had a night visitor to our garden. Seemed to like standing in the soft mixture and dug around a bit. We are guessing it was an opposum. We kept the light on for the next few nights and he got the hint and left. 
Garden No. 5

Garden No. 4
My eggplants are doing very well. I have two plants that are covered in flowers and one plant has two eggplants. I recently bought another baby eggplant and planted it. We will have to see if it does as well. Each bed is a micro-climate unto itself. Depending on the soil composition and its position in the backyard, the same plants can give different results.
Eggplant thriving in Garden No. 4

Closeup of eggplant in Garden No. 4

Baby bell pepper in Garden No. 4

Loving breaking off a bit of this lavender from my garden

Squash plant in Garden No. 5

Just sprouted bush beans in Garden No. 3

Lots of green cherry tomatoes

lots of blooms on the cucumbers & canteloupe

baby "pickle"

Haricot Vert beans

tomatoes doing well

broccoli ready to harvest - think this may be the end of it 

A little beauty for the sake of beauty

Holy Basil going bonkers

still have plenty of Seven Wonders lettuce

Lavender bloom

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