Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Improvement 2012

Following my thinking that "carpet is of the devil" (cause it is), we have thrown out yet more of this evil, nasty stuff in our house. Thanks to the ineptness of our mortgage company, we had a large overage this year and put it toward new tile which was needed badly in the guest room, guest bathroom, boys room and hallway. We wanted to balance the house, so we used the same tile we used in the Master Suite which is on the opposite side of the house. This is a great Italian porcelain that we purchased from Lowe's (using my handy dandy 10% off coupon from the change of address envelope at the post office). More details on the flooring here.

We wanted to do a little something special, but not over the top for our guest bathroom. I found some beautiful travertine mosaic tiles at Lowe's that matched perfectly with the porcelain. It was a simple design, but I think it adds something special to the flooring. After living on concrete for a while, the boys were not excited about giving up their "industrial" look. They were not convinced that the flooring would go with their room theme. Once it was all in, they were OK with it.

So that leaves only one room with carpet. The toy room (which also functions as an additional guest space and gaming room). It will go when we replace our laminate flooring in the great room. Here's hoping for more ineptness (fingers crossed) by our mortgage company.

Guest room

Guest bathroom

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