Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Update on the New Expanded Garden

All my babies are up! The garden is starting to fill in and not look like a big brown patch. Let me take you on a tour...

Garden #5 - one of the new ones. Bursting with 7 wonders lettuce, parsley, purple sage, holy basil,
ball carrots, lovage (like celery) fern leaf lavender, purple hull beans, bell pepper, haricot vert green beans,
squash & cucumber, Black Prince (heirloom) tomato, jalapeno 

Garden #4 German & French Thyme, ball carrots, french lavender, lemon basil, chamomile, parsley, sweet basil , haricot vert, verigated basil,  bell pepper, Brandywine tomato (heirloom) tomato, cantelope (heirloom) & eggplant
Purple sage

7 wonders lettuce

we still have cabbage from our fall garden

trying out strawberries this year

Garden # 7 - little carrots, quinult and berries galore strawberries, ball carrots, basil, romaine, banana pepper, bell pepper, haricot vert, sweet million cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cantelope & squash

Garden #6 - Stevia, Italian Oregano, cilantro, sweet basil, quinalt strawberry, romaine, brocolli (blue), jalapeno, cayenne pepper, dwarf sage, cantelope (heirloom), cucumber, purple hull (heirloom), Box Car Willie (heirloom) tomato

Garden # 8, Romaine, little carrots, italian oregano, sweet basil, leeks, regular sized carrots in the top hat box (the wooden box you see sticking up), Habanero peppers, serrano peppers, purple of Romania artichoke (heirloom),
eggplant, magic beanstalks and celebrity tomato

baby carrots before they were thinned

baby Louisiana satsumas on the tree this year

chamomile- so pretty and fuzzy

blue broccoli

strawberry plants are thriving. I later put some weed barrier under the plants so the strawberries wouldn't rot

We have tomatoes on our sweet millions cherry tomato plant!

I could not resist this verigated basil

My dh built me a top hat box so that we could try and
grow full sized carrots. 

sweet basil

baby artichoke - I planted three

thyme is right at home!

French lavender is so beautiful even before it blooms

haricot vert plants are thriving

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