Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How I almost lost my sanity or "more mindless garden talk"

I have clearly lost my mind. Why are you laughing? Let me explain...

We have added 5 new gardens to our existing 3 Square Foot gardens.
Each garden has 16 squares to plant a crop. Some crops can be planted 16 to a square (like carrots).
16 x 8 = an insane amount of crops to plant for which no human being has enough time in the world, let alone a busy homeschool mom with too much on her plate already.
Did you catch all that? OK, now you can laugh and pity me and take me out to dinner.

OK, so after I evaluated my sanity, I realized that I didn't have to plant everything in one afternoon, or one day, or even one week. Whew! Sanity saved. I remembered that Square Foot gardens practice staggered planting so that you aren't harvesting all of the same crop at the same time. Also, I take care of three girls during the week and guess what they will be doing for a few afternoons. That's right! Forced labor in the name of education. Don't send me a nasty comment. I am kidding. Sort of. No, I'm kidding.

Check it out! We now have enough squares to technically feed our family all the veggies we can possibly eat! And they are organic!

The triplets - Gardens 6, 7 & 8

The twins - Gardens 4 & 5

The three gardens from Fall 2011 - Gardens 1, 2 & 3 - still producing!

It can't all be veggies. French Lavender! 

It's time for Thyme! Sorry, that was corny. German and french thyme.

I never can have enough parsley. I've added three new plants. 

I've trench planted my tomatoes this year.
Interested to see how it goes.

This is the only bunny I ever want to catch in my garden!

two new broccoli plants. They won't be producing very long and
will be replaced by something else later on. Stevia (yes, the sweetener) is the plant
on the front left. Oregano on the front right. 

here we go again... my dog thinks we have built snack bins for her.
She will NOT stay out of the dirt! 

Strawberries! A new crop this year.

Eggplant - another newbie!


Shannon said...

Beautiful!! You are so going to enjoy all that bounty this year! I'm interested to hear how the stevia does. I've been tempted before but never grown it. The lavender is a great sanity tamer. Just pinch off a leaf when you are stressed and carry it around with you, hmm.. smells delicious --- and calming too :) Can't wait to see them in person!

Frazzled Mom said...

well then I will just plant the rest of the squares with lavender!! All my problems have just been solved by you Shannon!


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