Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gluten Free Recipes - modifications of my favorite blog recipes!

Gluten free cooking sounds so intimidating doesn't it? It really isn't. Our home school group "Real Meal Blessing Team" has the privilege of cooking for a family that eats gluten/dairy/egg free. I have modified my regular recipes here to help our group find some recipes. I am not holding myself out as an expert or anything, but really it isn't that difficult to use your favorite recipe, check the ingredients, make a substitution or two if necessary and go for it. I hope this inspires you! I also noted that I need to invest in stock in the Muir Glen Company. You'll see why when you start looking through the recipes! I promise I do not work for these people (but maybe I should). 

HEB has a large selection of gluten free items. Check out the list here http://www.heb.com/static/pdfs/Gluten-Free-List.pdf You can also check your recipe items here http://www.celiaccess.com/

Here are the recipes on my blog that have gluten/dairy/egg free options. Look toward the end of the blog entry to see the modified recipe:
Chicken Cacciatore
Enchilada Casserole
Inside Out Cabbage Rolls
Rice Dressing
Spaghetti Sauce & Meatsauce or Meatballs
Sticky Chicken & Rice
Rice Pilaf
Chicken Corn Soup
Taco Soup

Please also look here for more recipes 




Dessert? Yes please. Remember no egg here. There is a really good powdered egg substitute I have successfully used in the past called "EnergG Egg Replacer" which is dairy/egg/gluten free and can be purchased at HEB. 


Tiffin said...

The Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are really good, just a bit thinner in consistency than regular cookies.

Frazzled Mom said...

A big thanks to "Euro Mom" for reviewing these recipes and giving some great links to other sites.

Stacy said...

This is a recipe for Stevia Sweetened Sugar Cookies (gluten-free and vegan). There is an icing recipe that follows, but I haven't tried it. The cookies are very good!


Frazzled Mom said...

thank you Stacy! I love having tried and true recipes on hand for my friends! I found another really good website http://www.thesensitivepantry.com/recipes/ This is the list of recipes that show you which recipes are dairy, gluten and egg free! Love it!


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