Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Santa bought me a shiny, pretty thing

I got some shiny, blingy things for Christmas. My husband bought me a new range and microwave. Some women might be put off by a gift of appliances. Not me! I love anything shiny that comes with a butter softening feature. That's right, butter softening. Mmmmm!

My husband isn't a stupid man. He knows that a happy cook means yummy in the tummy. He teased me that he expected my cooking to rise to a "whole nutha level". I chuckled back that it wasn't possible. I am happy to say I was dead wrong. My husband is happy to say that I was dead wrong.

I am soooooo glad I got a double oven. I have used both ovens simultaneously many times. Love it! If you are on the fence about this feature, get off and get the double oven! I love the warming feature. I have used it several times. I wish both the top and bottom ovens were convection. Only the bottom is. I have used the convection bake and roast. I have noticed that my bread is browned very evenly with the convection bake but it didn't shave any time off. Didn't notice a big difference in the convection baked chicken and it only shaved off 15 minutes from the baking time. I'm still experimenting, so I reserve the right to change my initial opinion.
The loaf on the right was baked in a convection oven

My husband only installed the microwave a few days ago.It should really be called a convection oven with a microwave feature. I have THREE ovens! I haven't had a chance to test out the convection oven feature in this appliance yet. The popcorn feature is amazing! It weighs the popcorn bag and adjusts the time accordingly. It also senses when it is done. My favorite feature is the butter softening. It's pitiful, I know it. But I LOVE this feature. The defrost feature of this microwave is amazing! It defrosts it perfectly without hot spots. The ground meat was just like I got it from the butcher.

Now, getting to this happy point has been a bit of a bumpy road. Got really great service at our local Lowe's appliance center. Gave positive feedback to the store manager. Delivered to the house and installed. Check. Hmmmmm... why does the convection fan keep kicking off? That's weird. E-mailed Kitchenaid customer service. They said that wasn't right. Called and confirmed with a different customer service person. OK then. We have a problem. Called Lowe's. They delivered a new one. Hmmmmm... same thing. Kitchenaid customer service confirmed AGAIN that the fan should stay on all the time. Called back and asked to talk to a technical person. Doesn't exist at Kitchenaid. What? Told the story again. Put on hold. Manuals pulled out. People consulted. Oh no, the fan DOES actually kick on and off. Everything is hunky dory ma'am. Really? Wish Kitchenaid knew their products. Would have saved me a bunch of trouble.

The manual that came with the Kitchenaid Double Oven Convection Gas Range Model KGRS505XSS is awful. The Kitchenaid convection microwave KHMC1857WSS manual is worse. For what I dropped on these things, they should have come with an in-home demonstration or at least a video online. Throw me something Kitchenaid! I remember when my mother bought one of the first Amana microwaves. We had a whole microwave cooking class at the appliance center and a huge cookbook with detailed instructions. Gone are those days. Is it too much to ask for a decent manual that actually mentions any of the features? I guess so.

I'm still testing out all the features, but so far I'm pretty impressed. I'm just really thrilled to have an oven that actually holds a temperature.

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Anonymous said...

I love your shiny, pretty thing! Santa did good, and no one deserves it more than you!!


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