Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is for the birds!

Continuing on my efforts to incorporate more of a natural theme into my decorating, I've used more birds this year in my decoration theme of "Enchanted Forest Christmas".

Found this beauty this year.
A blinged out bird is just perfect for my tree!

A little decoration for the post
and a happy greeting when you enter

This little baby cardinal is tucked away from the cold

My favorite large owl gets a little sparkle

A new baby owl on the mantle!
I've gone a little overboard in my table decorations, but if you are going to do it, you might as well overdo it.

My collection of acorns. A delight on the table.
My Hutch is all decorated for Christmas. I try to have large and small detail. The large detail draws someone in and the small detail gives them a delight when they get close.

My kitchen theme is sweets and coffee. Of course!

My new favorite, a blueberry pie. 

Chocolate cake! Now I'm hungry!

The Mantle has a new look this year!
This year's wrapping gets a touch of nature too!
A new tree this year. A slender one doesn't hold all my ornaments but fits nicely in the corner.

Santa and his sleigh decorate the top.
The Christmas skirt was handmade with love by my Mamon.
It takes an honored spot here every year.

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