Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Morning Walk in the Fall Garden

Dew on the edge of a cucumber plant. Look at the beautiful curl.

I love to walk in the garden in the morning. There is no diamond necklace as beautiful as the dew drops on the edge of a leaf. Take a walk with me and enjoy.

Dew dappled cauliflower leaf

loving the way the light works in this picture of a cucumber leaf

two baby bell peppers covered in dew

the fingers of the sweet pea plant reaching for the lattice

Double headed cabbage with amazing purple veins

Broccoli is well on its way

Rosemary loving this spot

An overall view of gardens 1 and 2

An overall view of garden 3

Juliette tomatoes starting to produce

Patio tomatoes from spring getting their second wind in fall

cucumber taking advantage of the lattice

Carrots loving this pot

Only the rich soil of a square foot garden could support this amount of plants so close


Lindylou said...

Your gardening is inspiring! I have been buying more and more at our local farmer's market. I ate swiss chard and bok choy for the first time last week... this saturday, I bought some kind of young pea stouts, mixed greens sprouts and kale... I am really stretching but loving it. Oh, I also bought radish with all the greens on top... I am trying to put just about anything in my salads... hee her.

Maybe next year I can get into the gardening. I have tried so many times, but it seems I can never keep up with them... they end up drying out and dying.

Frazzled Mom said...

you are more adventurous in your eating than I am Lindy! I would highly suggest you check out the NEW Square Foot Gardening book at your local library. I am very pleased with the difference it has made. No weeds, organic and the mixture contains humus and vermiculite which holds the moisture. So far, I am very pleased with the results. I can't wait until spring to build more boxes!


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