Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeding my obsession

Is there anything more fun than getting a package in the mail? Even better, this was an unexpected gift from my dear friend Melissa. I was thrilled to open a package to find this:

Product [image]
Nordic Ware Acorn Cakelet Pan

Product [image]
Finished product!
 As a Nordic Ware fanatic, I squealed when I opened the package. This cute little cakelets will be the star of my next tea party! I think I want to decorate the top of each acorn with sparkly sugar.

Thank you Melissa! You know the way to my baker's heart!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Morning Walk in the Fall Garden

Dew on the edge of a cucumber plant. Look at the beautiful curl.

I love to walk in the garden in the morning. There is no diamond necklace as beautiful as the dew drops on the edge of a leaf. Take a walk with me and enjoy.

Dew dappled cauliflower leaf

loving the way the light works in this picture of a cucumber leaf

two baby bell peppers covered in dew

the fingers of the sweet pea plant reaching for the lattice

Double headed cabbage with amazing purple veins

Broccoli is well on its way

Rosemary loving this spot

An overall view of gardens 1 and 2

An overall view of garden 3

Juliette tomatoes starting to produce

Patio tomatoes from spring getting their second wind in fall

cucumber taking advantage of the lattice

Carrots loving this pot

Only the rich soil of a square foot garden could support this amount of plants so close

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gift Ideas for Nursing Home Residents

Every Christmas I do a list of gift ideas specific for a certain age or gender. (my other ones are teens and pre-teens here and budget friendly here) This year is special. My boys play games with the elderly every week. It is made possible by my friend Lydia who suggested the idea and who picks them up every week as my daily schedule won't allow me to drop them off in time. Yeah, she's pretty awesome!

Anyhow, I was brainstorming with my mother-in-law today with ideas of what gifts we could give them as prizes for winning a game. I wanted something meaningful and nice. Here is the list we came up with and I have supplemented with ideas from the Internet. Of course, you should check with the facility to ensure the item is OK. I have not put snacks or food items on this list as dietary concerns can be a problem.

Check Oriental Trading or your discount and dollar store for many of these items.

Music box
lapel pin (holiday pins are popular)
Small holiday decor item for their room
Book marker
Christmas ornament for the facility tree
fresh flowers
brushes & combs
magazines (readers digest, taste of home and farm & ranch)
small wreath
pocket games
picture frames
various blank cards (birthday, thank you)
snowglobes (I love this idea)
magnifying glasses
playing cards
silk flower corsages (I love this one too)
stuffed animals
tissues in decorative holiday boxes
tissue box holders
Old magazines from the 40's & 50's (totally in love with this)
hats (fishing hats & fedoras for the guys, pretty hats for the ladies)
puzzle books
yarn (for the knitters)
chapstick (careful it isn't medicated)
Dusting powder (my friend Melissa suggested this great idea.)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hell's Waiting Room or "My Day at the Veterans Hospital"

If Hell had a waiting room, I was in it yesterday.

A family member needs surgery. As they are a veteran, we made an appointment to meet with the surgeon and discuss the surgery. Well, dear friends, our appointment was at 11:00. We arrived shortly after 10:30 because we left too early. We weren't sure of the traffic situation, didn't know exactly where the office was and didn't want to cause problems with the doctor's schedule by arriving late. The family member signed in and we sat and waited, and waited, and waited... and waited some more. At 2:15 p.m. we finally were face to face with the surgeon. Over three hours after our scheduled appointment. I couldn't believe it. Can you leave the waiting room? No. If you are called and you aren't present, they go on to the next person. They may or may not call your name later. Oh, and a person that doesn't speak English very well screams your name out. The room is huge and "L" shaped. The screamer is at one end of the "L" we are at another. Awful system. Surely there is something better. I like the idea of those hand held pagers like you get at restaurants. I finally snuck away and got us some popcorn (read lunch). Was it over after we saw the surgeon. Heck no. We then had to do all the prep work for the surgery. We went to the blood clinic and waited in line again for her blood to be drawn. Then we went and waited in line again for her to have her heart monitored. We went to the X-ray clinic and got a chest X-ray. This was the last stop and there was no wait. Thank God! Were we done? Nope. We had to make an appointment with the anesthesiologist for a workup before surgery. Then we have to come back for the actual surgery on another day. We finally crawled in the house at 5:45.

Personally, it makes me sick to my stomach to think of our veterans having to endure such conditions. You know those people that risk life and limb for us. Yes, those people.


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