Monday, September 19, 2011

Homeschooling Newbie Friends - Gotta love 'em!

There is nothing like having a friend that is new to homeschooling to make you question a few things. It cracks me up every time. You old timers know what I mean...

"Well have you heard of this curriculum?" Uh no, I haven't looked at new curriculum in 10 years. I found what works and I'm sticking to it. If they invented a new curriculum that you could strap to your head and instantaneously acquire the knowledge I would never know.

"What kind of test scores are your kids getting on their general yearly testing?" What general yearly testing? There is no such thing in Texas. And the usual followup "Well, how do you know they are learning?" Because they are smarter than me and a box of rocks.

I also love how excited they are starting on the dot at 8:00 with the pledge of allegiance followed promptly by a phone call to me (who is still searching bleary eyed for a coffee cup). Any curriculum questions you ask this early will be answered with incoherent answers. Sorry dear friend.

Oh, and the eternal "Socialization" question. Let's all sigh together. *SIGH*  I've put together a list of websites and good articles that address this and just forward it on. It all boils down to "Seriously, have you been to the mall lately?"

I guess dear friend I've become comfortable after this many years of home educating my kids. The proof is in the pudding. They are wonderful, smart, handsome, articulate boys. Have I missed something in their education? Yes, they have not memorized the Gettysburg address. Will they survive? Yup.

I cheer you on my newbie friend. I've been in your shoes. I was the one asking curriculum questions at 8:00 a.m. to another bleary eyed homeschool mom. Lord bless her! I raise my cup of coffee to you this morning!


Silvia said...


What about those who incessantly ask for curriculum... for preschool and kindergarten? Let's sight together, not long ago I was one, so patience.

Frazzled Mom said...

true dat Silvia! I think they are quite shocked when us Charlotte Mason mommas recommend "Walking outdoors", "planting a garden" or "cooking together" as an excellent kindergarten curriculum. ha ha!

Lindylou said...

I love that after all these years, we are still connected! Thank you for your sweet comment on my website. I am so trying to make homeschooling real.

Anonymous said...

Love it! LOL! Miss you friend! ~Janet


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