Sunday, August 7, 2011

Emergency radio a vital link during an emergency

Living in the South, you are ever aware that a hurricane can strike with little notice. We are in the height of hurricane season right now so I was checking up on the status of my old radio when I discovered that the battery compartment was corroded. Time to shop for a new one. I found the neatest radio/flashlight/cell phone charger/weather station. It is powered by either solar or hand crank.

We were happy to have a radio during the last hurricane. It is a vital link when the electricity is out. Cell phones are great, but during Ike some of us didn't have any phone service.  Even when we did have service, many people had trouble finding a place to charge up their cell phones. This radio has a USB charger which I do not own so I'm off to find one (one user complained that it fried his iPhone so be careful tech savy friends).

One feature I wish this radio had was the ability to tune into local TV stations. My previous radio had this feature until TV stations changed their formats to all digital transmission and it no longer worked. I could not find this feature on any radio in any price category anywhere. Business idea anyone?


AudreyO said...

Living in CA, we get both earthquakes and power losses. Thank goodness one of us always has a charged cell phone. We also have chargers in both cars for the cell phones.

Lindylou said...

very handy - I like the hand crank part. I wish my house radios tuned to the local stations also... I am always rolling the dial back and forth... thinking I know that there is a station here... sometimes I find it ... sometimes I don't.


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