Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shhhhh... the secret to keeping my sanity is my private chef

Yes, I have a private chef. Don't hate me. Of course, I'm talking about my crock-pot! A combination of unusually high triple digit temperatures this summer, my husband being back in college classes in the evening and a new job in the afternoon has had me turning to my crock-pot more and more. I cooked 4 out of 5 evening meals in them last week. Starting my meal at noon and having it ready in the evening is like a dream. My dear husband comes in from class ready to eat. Keeping the meal in my crock-pot on warm is so convenient to his schedule. It truly is like having a private chef. I do a little prep work, throw it in the crock-pot and go about my business. It seems my dear friend Melissa has the same idea too. We keep passing tips, recipes and websites between each other. How about a year of crock-pot cooking? Check out this website I'm excited to try dessert in the crock-pot! I may have to get a second crock-pot just for that purpose! Also check out They have a crock-pot category. I also recently stumbled on a group on Facebook called "Crock Pot Girls" which, incidentally, at first glance I thought was "CRACK Pot Girls" which was intriguing to me for reasons unknown. They have started their own website here as the FB page grew like crazy (They started on August 19 and in 9 days they had almost 100,000 likes).
Want to see all my crock-pot recipes? Many of my regular recipes have been adapted for the crock-pot. Click on the link to the right called "Recipes Found On This Blog" and look for "Crock-pot Recipes" in the list. I would love to hear about your favorite locations for crock-pot recipes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Emergency radio a vital link during an emergency

Living in the South, you are ever aware that a hurricane can strike with little notice. We are in the height of hurricane season right now so I was checking up on the status of my old radio when I discovered that the battery compartment was corroded. Time to shop for a new one. I found the neatest radio/flashlight/cell phone charger/weather station. It is powered by either solar or hand crank.

We were happy to have a radio during the last hurricane. It is a vital link when the electricity is out. Cell phones are great, but during Ike some of us didn't have any phone service.  Even when we did have service, many people had trouble finding a place to charge up their cell phones. This radio has a USB charger which I do not own so I'm off to find one (one user complained that it fried his iPhone so be careful tech savy friends).

One feature I wish this radio had was the ability to tune into local TV stations. My previous radio had this feature until TV stations changed their formats to all digital transmission and it no longer worked. I could not find this feature on any radio in any price category anywhere. Business idea anyone?


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