Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Office Redo or what I did with the first part of my summer

When we first moved into our home twelve years ago, my dear husband tackled painting and putting up a wallpaper border in his office. Borders were still in style way back then but I still hated them. It was his office, so I let him make all the choices. I remembered that he had sanded down the texture of the wall before putting up the wallpaper, so I knew there was probably going to be trouble when I tried to remove it. There was. I'm so glad it was just a border.

Rabbit trail: After helping a friend redo her bathroom by stripping out all the wallpaper, I realized what a pain this stuff is if the wall isn't prepared properly. She purchased the house and inherited the nightmare that was the wallpapered bathroom. The wallpaper hanger put the wallpaper directly on the sheetrock WITHOUT PAINTING THE WALL. Big, big mistake. We were careful, but ended up taking off the first layer of paper that covers the sheetrock and had to make many repairs before we could paint. Now we know why someone opted to paint over the wallpaper and not remove it. We didn't have a choice at this point in time as the wallpaper was in a moist bathroom (who does that?) and it was falling down in places.

Back to the office redo: I put the texture back on the top of the walls. I picked out a beautiful mossy green color that was used elsewhere in my house. I also took a risk and painted right over the moulding trim that was decoratively applied to one wall. I really like the effect. His office feels cool and peaceful now. I was so done with the red color which I felt was too busy for an office. I covered his existing love seat with a chocolate velvet cover and I got rid of his oddly placed and outdated artwork. We also removed the area rug which didn't go with the new color scheme. He was pleased with the outcome. We have some new drapes that still need to be hung, but we are calling it completed.

BEFORE - note the ugly wallpaper border

AFTER - no more border and new artwork


AFTER - his furniture looks great against the new color


southerninspiration said...

Looks updated and GREAT!!

Frazzled Mom said...

Thank you friend! Quite a compliment coming from you!

Anonymous said...

That really looks beautiful! Just found you because I Googled "how to remove vinyl off linoleum" which I am in the middle of doing. My water is on to boil as I type!
Marcia...oh and I'm a new follower! i also have a blog, check me out when you have a chance. I also home-schooled my kids.

Frazzled Mom said...

You go Marcia! Having new floors is awesome. Getting there is another story isn't it!? I'm going to pop over and visit you!


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