Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hanging on to Childhood with Hangers?

Teal Space Saver Hangers - Set of 10I'm embarrassed to say it but I never bought my big boys new hangers. Yes, we were still using those free hangers that came with their toddler clothes. Many hangers say 4T! I have no idea why I had not replaced them except that maybe I was unconsciously hanging on to their childhood! Oh dear! Their man-sized clothing was falling off of the hangers and it was time to replace them. I had purchased wood hangers for our master closet years ago and it made everything look so neat. Wood hangers are great but expensive. I didn't want to make such a big investment in their hangers. Especially because they are going to walk off and go to college with them in a few years. I redid a friend's closet and found some great hangers. Bed, Bath & Beyond has a great supply of organizational stuff right now with everyone preparing for college. I found these hangers and snatched them up. They come in great colors (silver, teal, spring green, white, pink and blue) and have built in hooks to attach the hangers together in a long chain to save space (if you like). They also have hooks at the top to keep straps from slipping off. They are only $3.99 for ten (10) hangers which makes them mucho affordable. You can find the white hangers here and the teal hangers here. My boys picked the silver hangers. While I hung up the clothing on the new hangers, we did a quick clean out of clothing that didn't fit any more. It is an inexpensive way to make a closet look orderly and maybe help momma let go a little bit.

Attachable Hangers (Set of 10)

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