Monday, May 16, 2011

An economical and quick trick to juicing key limes!

I'm a huge fan of my garlic press. It is also the perfect key lime juicer! That's right! It gets every bit of juice out and makes quick work of juicing these Lilliputian limes. I juiced a whole sack of them in no time. Normally, you could expect to get 1/2 a cup from the sack. I ended up with 1 1/2 cups! I froze the rest for future recipes. Now that's what I call economical!

A bit of interesting trivia, the yellow key limes are actually the ripe ones (not the green ones).

-Firmly roll the limes on a cutting board under the palm of your hand.
-Cut them in half across the fat middle part of the lime (not end to end).
-Put one half in your garlic press with the cut side to the bottom.  
-Squeeze. An added benefit is that the seeds stay inside the press.
-Now you can make something yummy like a key lime pie!

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Melissa said...

Great tip! Thanks!


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