Friday, May 27, 2011

Biology Lab - Take 2

Last year we held a two week biology lab in our home. It was so much fun! It sort of happened by accident. My dear Aunt taught this class years ago in California to a bunch of homeschooled students, including her own two sons. It somehow came up in conversation that my oldest would have to take it soon and I asked if she might consider teaching him. She asked if there might be others who might want to join us. There were. A class was born! My Aunt did such a great job, we decided to do it again even though neither of my sons will actually benefit this year. My oldest son will be an assistant teacher (which will go directly on his high school transcript, thank you). We have a full house of teens who make it so much fun! I can hardly wait for it to begin. I think it is so amazing how God orchestrates these types of things in the homeschool community. We have a parent with a talent who in turn teaches our children. My boys have been blessed to have wonderful supplemental teachers who have taught Latin, Spanish and Speech. The teachers always gush over our kids and tell us how much fun they had. Now, having assisted in teaching a class, I know what they mean. Even after only two weeks, I truly adore every kid. Don't overlook the talents of your friends and family. Tap into the richness that God has abundantly supplied you. Not only are your kids blessed, but the teacher gets blessed too!


Melissa said...

Hey seriously need to put up a new blog! I check your blog almost everyday and get to view a chopped up frog...sometimes while eating my lunch! UGH! Just kidding!;) I think it's great that you do such wonderful things with your boys as a Mom and as a Homeschool Teacher!!!:) They are so blessed!

Frazzled Mom said...

Oh dear Melissa! That isn't pleasant at all. Try eating after actually doing the dissection. LOL! Just for you, I'm putting a gardening post next. Hugs!

EuroMom said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth and Miss Mac. James loved it!

Frazzled Mom said...

We miss James and all our students! It's funny how attached we get to them in just two weeks! Our break times were filled with laughter, music and singing. So many talents in just this small group of 12 students. These amazing kids are a testimony to the wonderful job their parents are doing.


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