Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Spring Garden

Herb Garden Lattices

Oh, we have been having fun this week! My husband and I went on a hunt for sticks at a local park. "Sticks?" you say. After watching Lark Rise to Candleford last week, I noticed some very cute stick lattices that the townsfolk of Lark Rise used in their gardens. What a great solution for my vining plants to grow on! My boys obliged and built one lattice for the Pioneer Garden and another one for the herb garden right off my patio. Then I built a top part for the herb garden lattice and my husband hung it from the fence to create a very tall lattice for everything to grow up on. With a small garden, using vertical spaces is important!

Patio Tomato in pot

My husband and I also picked up some pine needles at the park. I recently learned to make some "tea" with the pine needles by steeping them in water in a bucket outside and pouring the acidic water over the tomatoes and parsley. I also worked some needles into the soil around my tomato plants. I put a little on top for decoration (and a cute pine cone that got raked up). I'm interested to see what a difference it will make this year.

Cabbage in the Pioneer Garden

Then today we all went to an adorable gardening place called "Enchanted Gardens". I was with men so we went in, got what we needed, and immediately left. That's the way it goes with men and shopping. They see no point in taking the scenic route! I'll take a slower, more leisurely tour when I am with some women friends. Well, we picked up three cabbages and some pepper plants that will spend the night in my garden bed tonight.

starter plants

All the plants I started from seed were ready to be planted this week. Cucumbers, squash and pole beans, oh my! How I love fresh green beans from the garden! Hate squash? Bet I can make you love it! We slice it and cook it with a little olive oil, salt and pepper in a black cast iron pan right on the grill outside. My boys also love it when it is sliced, dipped in beaten egg and then in flour that has a little Tony Chachere's seasoning in it. Fry in peanut oil and watch them disappear! The lettuce, spinich and carrots are all up and growing!

Check out my new pest deterrents. Rubber snakes and old CD's! I found some "poisonous" snakes at our local discount store for $1.00. The CD's were free!

Carrot Patch in the Pioneer Garden - nothing to look at right now!

Baby Cucumbers and Squash in the Pioneer Garden

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