Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Outdated Stuff Made New with Spray Paint!

OK, so I'm going to totally blame/thank my friend Melissa! I've gone crazy with the Oiled Bronze spray paint around here! I've done all the door knobs in the house. What a difference! I even did the front door hardware which was just plain awful before. As Melissa pointed out the other day, I bought two cans and spent less than $20 total to update all of my door hardware! I couldn't have replaced even one doorknob for that amount! She also pointed out that if I would ever need a quick touchup, I could spray a small amount in a paper plate and touch it up with an artists paint brush without having to remove the doorknob again.

Now a few of my master bath accessories needed to be changed (or so I thought). Years ago I spent a tidy sum at a high end store on these beautiful glass containers for my bathroom. I searched for something with a glass bottom and I had a hard time finding them. At the time, the price for these containers was hard to swallow. But now, years later, I'm glad I splurged. They were excellent quality and classic pattern. In the end, worth it. Now, the silver color wasn't right for my bathroom anymore since we changed to oiled bronze fixtures throughout. Believe me, I winced when I took sandpaper to the expensive top. Now, they look brand new and it cost me practically nothing!

My soap dispenser metal was also a shiny silver. Now, it blends well with the rest of my oiled bronze accessories. Oh,what's next?

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Shannon (living life at home) said...

oh this is cool! I would have never thought about it. Showed it to Kate, so you can bet we'll be looking at spray paint in our future :)


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