Friday, January 14, 2011

How to keep your dogs from digging in the yard

When we first got our Beagle, Tug, she was a naughty little girl. God made puppies cute for a reason my friends! Our dear neighbors had a dog also and our dogs were constantly digging under the fence to visit one another. We were determined to stop it. We hit upon a great solution that I thought I would share. We lined up the doggie "doo doo" along the fence where they were digging. Our neighbor did the same on her side. Problem solved. Dogs avoid their feces. They never again dug their way for a neighborly visit. Out of the blue, our Beagle started digging in our currently unused gardens. We used the same solution to great effect again.


Melissa said...

Anna loves this picture of Tug! She points at him and says "Woof! Woof!" over and over again!,

Frazzled Mom said...

Should be interesting when these two meet in a few weeks!


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