Friday, December 10, 2010

A peek at the Christmas Decorations - Part 2

Here is more of our 2010 Christmas Decor. Let me take you on a tour...

I've fallen in love with sparkly acorns and have a good collection of them now.

Tea time anyone? Pass the scones! I'm adding to my collection of Christmas tea cups every year. I also started collecting antique post cards. For someone that says they don't do any collecting, I sure do collect a lot of Christmas items!

I found this little beauty in an antique store in town. It has a strange irridescent green color with raised gold decoration and the word "Present" on the side. It says "Made in Germany" on the bottom, but no other maker marks. I've done some research on it, but haven't found out anything about it.

My little Currier and Ives village. Growing up in Louisiana, I'm fascinated with the idea that a small town is transformed into a winter wonderland overnight.

My Jewish village nativity scene. I received this as a birthday gift many years ago. Mary and Joseph move closer to the stable each day. On Christmas morning, we place the baby Jesus in the scene. A tangible way we remember the meaning of the celebration of Christmas.

The mantle

The tree

The two doves on our tree have special meaning. They were given to us at my husband father's funeral for each of our children. A beautiful reminder of their Grandaddy on the Christmas tree each year.

I love this feathery tree topper. Purchased locally from a small shop many years ago.

Closeups of the tree ornaments

Table topper

I love these ornament mushrooms

A bird nest decoration for the post in our home. You see it right when you walk in the house.


Anonymous said...

Your decorations are beautiful--as always! I'm coming to your house for Christmas!;)


Frazzled Mom said...

Thank you dear Melissa! I remember a long time ago a sweet neighbor putting together a pointsetta basket for my holiday decorations. That beautiful decoration you made for me and my tree were the only things I had in my house for Christmas.


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