Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I hate the post office...

OK, if I ever had to ship something to you, I don't have to tell you I am a big-time procrastinator. Big, Big time! Like I wrote the book on it. Just ask Melissa or Jessica who have recently been on the receiving end of my horrid procrastination. Oh, they are so gracious, sweet and patient with me. Hugs to you two.

Can I say that I totally hate our little post office? Well, I guess I just did. I live in a small town and our post office was built in like the 60's and never updated or maintained. Our town population has exploded but they have never expanded this location. The people behind the counter are cold and uninterested. The lines are long. The employees dilly dally around instead of getting to business and helping move the line. I loath going there.

Of course, when I used to do Ebay shipping, way, way back in the dark ages of Ebay, I was much more prompt. Avoiding a bad rating was probably incentive enough to get my tushy in gear. Although hunting around for a box, packing material and forcing myself to drive to the post office was still an ordeal.

OK, can I tell you a secret? I found my solution. It is this "Flat Rate Box" thingy with "Click and Ship" where I can print postage on my printer. They will even bring the boxes to your house for free! Then I schedule for my long, haired Greek mailman to stop by and pick up my packages from my front porch. I AM IN HEAVEN PEOPLE! (no, I am not getting any kind of compensation from the USPS. This is just me raving.)

One glitch I found in the "Click and Ship" system is that you have to put the estimated weight into the "Enter Package Information" for the Flat Rate Box rates to come up on the next page. I was hunting everywhere for the Flat Rates. I wish they would just say that here. It would make life so much easier. Oh wait, we are talking about the U.S. Postal Service. My bad.
After you put in a fictitious weight, up pops all the flat rates on the next page. Scroll down a bit to find them. I didn't say it was easy. Remember, government website and all. (I'm going to get audited aren't I?)

No more schlepping to the post office! That just makes me smile. Wait a minute. A government program that makes me smile? I have to take a minute and seriously question my standards. At any rate, I recommend you give it a try.


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