Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Needle Felted Mushrooms - a beautiful addition to your fall decor

Fall decorating is so beautiful. I think mushrooms and acorns add just the right touch. I was looking online for how to make homemade mushrooms and stumbled on these beauties. I never heard of sculptural needle felting, so I was intrigued. I found several helpful tutorials online and off I went.

This is a great tutorial on You Tube. I want mine to look more realistic like these. They are very well done!

The tools and materials were inexpensive, simple and the technique wasn't hard to master. Now this is a craft this girl can love!

Warning: the needles are very sharp and brittle. One broke off in my kitchen and has yet to be located. You have to be very careful not to bend the needle when doing this craft. Be careful to go straight in and straight out of the wool.

I found this beautiful website and was amazed by what can actually be done by masters. This wasn't the direction I was going for but lots of fun to look at.

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